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Raison d'être

I hoped that someone else would do this, but my 'Southbourne Celebrates' idea has brought things to a head.  

Southbourne has to be able to communicate.

 Our Quarterly Clippings Magazine is too infrequent and won’t take anything commercial, The Parish Council website is the same, so how was I going to let everyone know what was going on. Sponsorship would prevent me from being included in either. I couldn’t even get Southbourne Pictorial History promoted, I had to do that by going to meetings and school open evenings and putting free copies everywhere, with a label stating where they were on sale. That just won't do in this immediate society.

The Village Magazine is our lifeline and has, in the last 5 years, done wonders for the communities along this stretch of the A259. As many of you know, I send in a fair bit to promote Southbourne, and I distribute 1000's of copies. I would personally like to thank Anne and Fiona for their efforts. They now print 6000 copies a month, and that's some achievement, even for two women, as feisty as they are, who believe in what they are doing.

It's no good having the best of anything if no one knows about it. Dyson wouldn’t have sold a thing if it wasn't for advertising and promotion. So that’s where the website comes in. We need to tell people what's going on. Our neighbouring villages are very good at promoting their community, we’re a bit tardy, but that doesn't mean that we don't have a very strong community, it just mean we have to do a Dyson and promote it.

Now it’s up to you and me to let people know:

who, where, when and what is going on.

Send anything you want included on the website via the contact form or by email:  Small businesses and self employed are welcome as are clubs etc.  Links are being set up for easy access to existing websites. Please let me know if you want your website linked. The site also includes a Directory of Southbourne businessesand organisations to get your business or organisation listed  CLICK HERE, and complete and submit the online form. If you have any news about Southbourne people, places or events just EMAIL the details and they will be posted on this site.

Please help me make this community website something useful to Southbourne.   If you find any mistakes, please let me know.  You never see your own typos, so I’m relying on you.

In case you wonder why I am doing this, I just have a very strong sense of community.  I’m not religious or politically motivated, I just believe that having a really good community spirit and network can enhance and improve our quality of life and in some cases change people’s attitude.   

Here endeth the lesson.........................
Ruth Heelan


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