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The Greening of Southbourne
THE VISION is to create a Green Ring to the north of Southbourne as a Com‑ munity project which will be created by and maintained by the local community through volunteers. The Green Ring will be a continuous pathway encircling the urban area of the Village of Southbourne North of the A259. The pathway will interconnect green and amenity spaces and facilities which will encourage edu�cation, fitness and wellbeing of the residents using it and will be accessible to all ages and abilities. It will be funded through grant applications and its on-going operation will be self-sustaining.


 Bill Ferguson

Friday 13th November proved a lucky day for Southbourne as 400 tiny trees were planted in our tree nursery the first stage of the Green Ring. The saplings, provided by the Woodland 'Trust, will be nurtured until  sites around the village are available for planting.  Read More....



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