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For some time, well since doing the Southbourne book in 2009, I have assumed the role of community liaison officer.

I try, through my website and Facebook page, to let everyone know what’s going on around Southbourne.  I made a lot of contacts when I co-ordinated the Southbourne Celebrates weekend in 2012 and doing the Sussex Day Fete for the past two years.  I’ve also done the Southbourne What’s On for four years to hopefully improve community involvement and attendance.   It is now apparent that we need a more formal group in our village rather than relying on the local busy body (i.e. me) to connect our community. I have now set up a community group called “Connecting Southbourne.”  We will have a bank account so we can apply for funding, which I have been unable to do. I’ve previously raised small amounts to cover any costs, with the calendar and the Shopping bag, which incidentally, are still for sale at 2 for £5.   


Dog Microchipping on 2nd April, outside the Sea Scout HQ, Prinsted, from 2-4pm.

From 6th April all dogs must be microchipped and our Wildlife Officer suggested this would be a community event that she may be able to find some funding for.  Mrs Darling and her nurses volunteered to give their time and so the fee is a fantastic £5 per dog.  It’s a drop in session, a numbered ticket will be given on arrival. 

NB. Would all dog owners please ensure their pet is on a lead and under control near the Scout HQ, as the Coffee Shop will be open and it is important that we behave responsibly.  Dogs are not allowed in the Scout HQ.


With over 3000 households in Southbourne we need a communication hub.  At the moment I email clubs, schools and my contacts, to try to keep them informed but this is limited so we are now setting up an email system that you can join to receive community news.  Email is used by all ages, many don’t use Facebook, so this community email will enable us to get information out to all subscribers.


May I thank Mrs Darling, her staff, the Sea Scouts and Sarah Hughes our Wildlife Officer for their support thereby enabling us to have our first community event.

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